Screen display during playback

  1. Time code display

    Every time the <COUNTER> button is pressed, the display is toggled in the order of [TCR **:**:**:**], [UBR ** ** ** **], [CLIP *:**:**:**], and no display.

  2. Clip name

    Displays the name of the clip being played back with up to eight characters from the beginning.

  3. Playback status

    Displays the status of playback.

    Displays only during playback.

    • imageicon_stop: Stop

    • imageicon_play: Playback

    • imageicon_still: Pause

    • imageicon_bos: Starting playback position

    • imageicon_eos: Ending playback position

    • imageicon_ff10: Fast-forward playback (10x speed)

    • imageicon_ff20: Fast-forward playback (20x speed)

    • imageicon_rew10: Fast-reverse playback (10x speed)

    • imageicon_rew20: Fast-reverse playback (20x speed)

    • imageicon_slow: Slow playback/frame-by-frame

    • imageicon_backslow: Reverse slow playback/frame-by-frame rewind

  4. Still picture recording icon

    Touching the icon while playing back or while paused records the scene as a still picture.

  5. Direct playback bar

    Displays the general position that is being played back.

  6. Playback navigation icon

    Operates by touching the icon.

    • imageicon_ff10: Fast-forward playback

    • imageicon_rew10: Fast-reverse playback

    • imageicon_stop: Stop

    • imageicon_play/imageicon_still: Playback/pause