Connection with a computer in card reader mode

Connect the camera to a computer via the USB type C cable to use the camera as a card reader for the memory card.

Connecting to a computer


Connect the USB cable to the <USB3.0 DEVICE> terminal.

Select the [OTHERS] menu → [USB DEVICE] → [CARD READER MODE].

Select [YES] when the confirmation message is displayed.

During USB connection, [USB connected. Please operate via PC.] is displayed in the center of the viewfinder or LCD monitor.

If the USB connection is being moved or it is not connected properly, [Connect this unit to PC using USB cable.] is displayed.

Exit the card reader mode.

There are following methods.

  • Turn the power switch of the camera to < h > (standby).

  • Press the <EXIT> button.

After exiting the card reader mode, returns to camera shooting status in approximately five seconds.