Waveform monitor function

Waveform of the image can be displayed.

Setting the displaying of the waveform monitor

Displaying of the waveform and the vector can be switched.

Select the display of the waveform monitor in the [VIDEO OUT/LCD/VF] menu → [EI ASSIST] → [WFM MODE].

[WAVE]: Displays the waveform.

[VECTOR]: Displays the vector.

[WAVE/VECTOR]: Displays the waveform and the vector. The waveform, vector or no display toggles in order each time the USER button to which [WFM] is assigned is pressed or the USER button icon is touched.

Setting the transmittance

The transmittance of the waveform monitor can be set.

Select the transmittance in the [VIDEO OUT/LCD/VF] menu → [EI ASSIST] → [WFM TRANSPARENCE].

  • The transmittance can be selected from [0%], [25%], or [50%].