Status of the card access lamp and memory card

Card access lamp

Memory card status

Orange (illuminated)

Recording target

Both loading/writing are permitted. Current recording target.

Green (illuminated)

Recording possible

Both loading/writing are permitted.

Orange (flashing)

Accessing card

Loading/writing are currently being performed.

Orange (rapidly flashing)

Recognizing memory card

The memory card is being recognized.


An error has occurred. This will flash even if the memory card is not inserted when an error has occurred.

Green (slowly flashing)

No remaining recording capacity

No recording capacity left on the memory card. Only loading is possible.


The write-protection switch of the memory card is set to the LOCK side.

Recording not possible

It cannot record with the recording format that is currently set. Change the recording format or use a memory card compatible with the recording format to record.


No memory card inserted

A memory card has not been inserted.

Illegal format

It is not the correct format. Reformat the card.

Card not supported

This is a card that cannot be used with the camera, such as MMC (Multi Media Card).

Setting to [NETWORK] menu → [NETWORK FUNC] → [NDI|HX]

Cannot record and play back. The functions other than recording and playback (loading of the scene file, etc.) can be used.

microP2 card formatted with encryption with CPS password

Cannot be used with the camera. When formatted with the camera, it can be used as a microP2 card that is not encrypted.

During card reader mode

The card 1 access lamp/card 2 access lamp turns off when not accessing.