Restoring clips

In following cases, restoration of the clip may be required depending on the condition. It may take some time to restore depending on the error.

  • When the memory card in the card slot that is flashing is removed while the card 1 access lamp or the card 2 access lamp is flashing

  • When the power is turned off by removing the battery or the AC adaptor while recording or performing record completion process

Restoring a clip (MOV format/AVCHD format)

An error as in following figure is displayed when MOV or AVCHD is selected as the recording file format.


Select [SET] in the error message screen. (Fig. 1)

  • Once the repair is completed, select imageicon_return in the confirmation message. It will return to the previous screen.

  • imageicon_clip_error is displayed on the clip when an abnormal management information is detected while displaying the thumbnail.

Restoring a clip (P2 format)

An error message is not displayed when P2 is selected as the recording file format.

imageicon_ng_clip_yellow is displayed in the thumbnail screen when there is at least one defective P2 clip that may be repaired in the thumbnail screen. In such case, the clip can be repaired in following procedure.

Press the <THUMBNAIL> button.

The thumbnail screen is displayed.

Press the <MENU> button while the thumbnail screen is displayed.

The menu is displayed.

Select the [THUMBNAIL] menu → [CLIP] → [REPAIR].

Select [YES].

All the defective P2 clips that may be repaired in the thumbnail screen are repaired.