Using the viewfinder

When the LCD monitor is difficult to use because the surroundings are bright, you can check the image using the viewfinder.

Positioning your eye near the viewfinder will trigger the eye sensor to automatically display the image.

  • The sensitivity of the eye sensor is set in the [VIDEO OUT/LCD/VF] menu → [VF] → [EYE SENSOR] → [HIGH] or [LOW].

  • The eye sensor may not work properly depending on the shape of the eyeglasses you may be wearing, how you hold the camera, or by strong light present in the vicinity of the eyepiece. If this happens, switch the image display by assigning [VF ON/OFF] to the USER button.


Move the viewfinder in the vertical direction to adjust the screen to a comfortable angle.

The viewfinder can be lifted vertically to approximately 90 degrees.

Adjust the characters on the viewfinder screen so that they are clearly visible using the diopter adjustment lever.