Linking the incomplete clips

The linked P2 clips recorded over multiple memory cards may become incomplete clips due to being copied separately from each memory card.

These can be restored to original linked clips by using the link function.

Only the P2 clips can be linked.

Press the <THUMBNAIL> button.

The thumbnail screen is displayed.

Press the <MENU> button while the thumbnail screen is displayed.

The menu is displayed.

Select the [THUMBNAIL] menu → [CLIP] → [RE-CONNECT].

Select [SELECT].

The thumbnail screen is displayed.

Select the clip to link in the thumbnail screen.

imageicon_selected_clip_linking is displayed next to the thumbnail number on the selected clip.

Select [SET].

  • This can also be selected by pressing and holding the multidial.

Select [SET] when the confirmation message is displayed.

This starts linking of the clip.

When the completion message is displayed, select imageicon_return.