Camera settings

Specifying the network settings

Specify the network settings. (Network settings)

Setting the user account name and the password

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [IP REMOTE] → [USER ACCOUNT].

Enter the user account name and select [Enter].

  • Enter the user account name with 31 characters or less.

Enter the password and select [Enter].

  • Enter a password between 8 characters and 15 characters.

Enabling the IP remote function

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [IP REMOTE] → [ENABLE/DISABLE] → [ENABLE].

Checking/deleting user accounts

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [IP REMOTE] → [ACCOUNT LIST].

The list of registered user accounts is displayed.

  • Proceed to Step 3 to only check user accounts.

Select the user account to delete, and then select [SET].

A confirmation message appears.

Select imageicon_return and end the operation.