Linking to external devices

Connecting to monitor

A monitor can be connected to output images.


Use a commercial video/audio cable (4-pole mini plug).

Check the wire specifications of the 4-pole mini plug.

  • Use the double shielded cable supporting 4K/60P as the HDMI cable (optional). It is also recommended to use the Panasonic 4K/60P compatible HDMI cable.

  • For the BNC cable (optional) connected to the <SDI OUT> terminal, prepare a double-shielded cable equivalent to 5C-FB.

Card reader mode

Data (files) for performing nonlinear editing on a computer are transferred.

  • The camera supports USB 3.1 (GEN1).


Memory cards are optionally available. They are not supplied with the camera.

A USB type C cable is not supplied with the camera.

Use a commercial USB-type C cable. Use of a cable no longer than 1.5 m is recommended.

The camera does not offer a bus-powered function.