Using the zoom function

Adjust the angle of view you want to shoot.

The camera has a 20x optical zoom.

This can be expanded up to approximately 32 times (approximately 24 times in UHD recording) when the [CAMERA] menu → [SW MODE] → [i.ZOOM] → [ON] is set.

The zoom ratio can be confirmed between [Z000]/[iZ000] (maximum wide angle) to [Z999]/[iZ999] (maximum telephoto) on the screen display. The value becomes higher as the the camera zooms in and smaller as the camera zooms out.

The zoom ratio is displayed as [iZ000] to [iZ999] when [i.ZOOM] is set to [ON]. Background of the character “i” is displayed in white when the i.ZOOM function is enabled.

The zoom can be operated at the following three locations:

  • Zoom lever (on the grip)

  • Zoom lever (on the handle)

  • Zoom ring on the lens