Focusing (manual focus)

Switch the method of controlling the focus with the <FOCUS> switch.

<A>: Changes to the auto focus mode. The auto focus mode adjusts the focus automatically.

<M>: Changes to the manual focus mode. Control the focus ring manually to adjust the focus.

<c>: Changes to the manual focus mode after the focus distance is set to infinity.

This switch is the spring switch. Even when the <FOCUS> switch is pushed towards the <c> side, the switch returns to the <M> position.

Auto focusing

Performs automatic focusing while the <PUSH AUTO> button is pressed during manual focus mode.

Manual focus assist mode

You can switch from the manual focus mode to the manual focus assist mode by setting the [CAMERA] menu → [SW MODE] → [MF ASSIST] → [ON].

  • Compared to the manual focus mode, you can adjust the focus (course adjustment) by rotating the focus ring approximately a half-turn.

  • After adjusting with the focus ring, the focus is automatically adjusted (fine adjustment).

  • When the focus deviation is great, it may not be in focus.

  • After executing auto adjustment, it will not adjust automatically until you move the focus ring again.