Connecting to the network

Wired LAN connection

Streaming from the camera is possible by using the <LAN> terminal.

Wireless LAN connection

The camera can be connected to the wireless LAN by attaching a wireless module (optional) compatible to the camera to the <USB2.0 HOST> terminal of the camera.

The following operations can be performed from iPhone/iPad or Android terminal that has the CX ROP app installed.

  • Checking camera status

  • Camera remote control (focus, zoom, image quality settings, recording control such as start/end recording, and time code/user bits settings)

  • Menu Operations

  • Starting and stopping streaming (when the function is assigned to the USER button)

The camera supports the multi-camera function that a camera selected from up to eight cameras is controlled remotely from a single device.

For details of the wireless module supported by the camera and the operation of the CX ROP app, visit the support desk at the following website or refer to the online help for the app.