Copying clips

Clips can be copied between memory cards.

Only the clip recorded in P2 or AVCHD can be copied.


Press the <THUMBNAIL> button.

The thumbnail screen is displayed.

Press the <MENU> button while the thumbnail screen is displayed.

The menu is displayed.

Select the [THUMBNAIL] menu → [CLIP] → [COPY].

Select [SELECT]. (Fig. 1)

  • Selecting [ALL] copies all the clips between the memory cards.

Select the card slot for the copy destination. (Fig. 2)

The clips on the memory card of the copy source is displayed in the thumbnail screen. (Fig. 3)

  • [SLOT1→SLOT2]: Copies clips from the memory card in card slot 1 to the memory card in card slot 2.

  • [SLOT2→SLOT1]: Copies clips from the memory card in card slot 2 to the memory card in card slot 1.

Select the clip to copy in the thumbnail screen.

imageicon_clip_select is displayed on the selected clip.

Select imageicon_copy. (Fig. 4)

  • This can also be selected by pressing and holding the multidial.

When the confirmation message is displayed, select [SET].

Progress bar is displayed, and the copy of the clip starts.

[OVERWRITE?] is displayed when there is a same P2 clip in the copy destination. Select [SET] when overwriting the clip, and select imageicon_return when not overwriting the clip.

  • To cancel the copy midway, select [CANCEL].

When the completion message is displayed, select imageicon_return. (Fig. 5)