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This camera control unit (CCU) is designed to be used with the 4K studio camera (AK-UC4000; sold separately).

Connect it to the 4K studio camera (hereinafter referred to as the camera) with an optical fiber multi cable (sold separately).

You can use the unit to input and output the video signals of various formats.*1

The unit supports 12G/6G/3G-HD/HD-SDI outputs, analog composite outputs, HD/SD-SDI return inputs, VBS return inputs, and prompter inputs (HD-SDI, analog composite).

The unit is equipped with an HD-TRUNK/TICO output, LAN-TRUNK connector*2, and TRUNK connector.

Intercom calls with the camera and microphone audio output are possible.

The unit also comes with tally and other system interface inputs.

Connecting the ROP (AK-HRP1000; sold separately, AK-HRP1005; sold separately) with a multi cable (sold separately) allows you to use the ROP to control the adjustment and setting of the camera and this unit.

Configure the format and imaging mode settings on the camera according to the format setting of the CCU.

This cannot be used with UHD mode and HS mode.