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Installing the plug-in viewer software

To view IP images from the unit on a web browser, the "Network Camera View 4S" plug-in viewer software (ActiveX®) must be installed.

The plug-in viewer software can be installed directly from the unit.


  • [Automatic installation of viewer software] is set to [On] at the time of purchase, allowing you to install directly from the unit. If a message appears in the web browser's information bar, see "Troubleshooting".

95675.png “Web Screen”

  • When you display the [Live] screen on the personal computer for the first time, the installation screen for the plug-in viewer software (ActiveX) appears. Follow the instructions on the screen to perform installation.
  • If the plug-in viewer software (ActiveX) installation screen continues to appear when switching screens, even after it is installed, restart the personal computer.
  • To uninstall the plug-in viewer software, select [Control Panel] - [Programs] - [Uninstall a program] in Windows, and remove "Network Camera View 4S".
  • A license is required for the plug-in viewer software for each personal computer on which it is installed. You can view the number of times the plug-in viewer software was automatically installed in the [Maintenance] screen. For details on licenses, consult your dealer.

95721.png“[Maintenance] screen”