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Front panel 3



[MENU] button

When you hold down the [MENU] button, the menu screen is displayed on the picture monitor and the [MENU] button lights.

If you hold down the [MENU] button while the menu is displayed, the menu closes and the [MENU] button turns off.

52321.png “Menu operations”


[SELECT] dial

This jog dial is for menu screen operations.

When the [SELECT] dial is turned clockwise, the cursor moves down; conversely, when it is turned counterclockwise, the cursor moves up.

Press the [SELECT] dial to select the menu items.

52313.png “Menu operations”


[USER1] and [USER2] buttons

These buttons are used for assigning functions.

Function assignments are selected using [SETUP] in the CCU menu.

The following functions are pre-assigned at the factory.

[USER1] button: CHARA

[USER2] button: LOCK

52306.png “SETUP”


[ROP FRONT/REAR] selector switch

This switch switches between the [ROP] connectors on the front and rear panels.

This is enabled when [MAINTENANCE] > [SETUP] > [ROP SW] is set to [SWITCH SELECT] in the CCU menu.

55178.png “ROP SW”


[ROP] connector (front)

This connector is for connecting a ROP (sold separately).


Memory card slot

Insert a memory card (sold separately).

A memory card can be used to set this unit.

52296.png “SD CARD”


Memory card access lamp

This is lit while the memory card is being accessed.