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Equipment connections

  • Before proceeding with the connections, check that the power of the unit and camera is OFF.
  • Use the optical fiber multi cable to connect the unit and camera.

Connect only the AK-UC4000 camera: Do not connect any other model.

  • Use a dedicated cable to connect the unit to the ROP.
  • When the unit’s [POWER] switch is set to ON and then the camera’s power is set to ON, the camera can be controlled using the ROP.
  • The camera statuses are shown on the picture monitor.

53213.png “Picture monitor displays”

When you configure the unit’s settings by menu operations, the menu screens are displayed on the picture monitor.

53244.png “Menu operations”

  • Before disconnecting the cables from the camera and ROP, turn off the camera’s power and then turn off the unit’s power.
  • When connecting the unit to the ROP using IP connection via a switching hub, use a switching hub that provides PoE support.
  • When operating multiple ROPs at the same time with the unit connected using IP connection via a switching hub, the ROP operated last will be given priority.