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Displaying the web screen using a personal computer

The procedure is explained here using Windows (Internet Explorer) screens, but it is the same when using the Mac (Safari) screens. (There may be differences in some parts of the screen displays.)

1.Start the web browser of the personal computer.

Use one of the web browsers below depending on the operating system installed in the personal computer.

Installed OS

Web browser


Internet Explorer

OS X (Mac)


2.Enter the IP address you configured on the Easy IP Setup Software in the address bar of the web browser.

    Example of input

http://registered URL


    If the HTTP port number has been changed from 80, enter [http://<camera IP address>:<port number>] in the address bar.

Ex.: When the port number is set to 8080 :

    When this unit is in a local network, set a proxy server from the web browser ([Tools] - [Internet Options] in the menu bar) to ensure that a proxy server is not used for a local address.

3.Press the [Enter] key.

The web screen appears.

The [Live] screen is displayed initially. You can switch to the [Setup] screen when necessary.

96419.png“Switching the [Live] screen or [Setup] screen”