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  • Mounting the unit in a rack

Mounting the unit in a rack

Mounting the rack mount adapters

1.Remove the setting legs (A) secured to the unit.

Remove them using a Phillips screwdriver.

2.Mount the supplied rack mount adapters (B).

  • Mounting screws are not supplied. Use mounting screws removed from the unit using a Phillips screwdriver.

Tighten the mounting screws for rack mount adapters using a torque of 110 N·m or more.


A.Setting legs

B.Rack mount adapters

Mounting the unit in a rack

  • Use the unit securely mounted in a standard 19-type rack (depth: 600 mm [23-5/8 inches] or more) compliant with EIA or JIS standards or equivalent.
  • Securely fix the unit in place using screws that are appropriate for the rack.
  • Be sure to attach a support guide for supporting (A) the rear of the unit.

(Provide a support guide that is appropriate for the rack.)


A.Support guide

Mounting positions

In the case of the EIA standard rack


In the case of the JIS standard rack