Left side

  1. <HOME> button

    Returns to the HOME screen when pressed.

  2. <PLAY> button

    Shows the PLAY screen when pressed.

  3. <TC> button

    Shows the TC screen when pressed.

  4. <INFO> button

    Shows the INFO screen when pressed.

  5. <VIEW> button

    Displays the camera video in the control panel.

  6. Main slot open/close switch

    Opens the main slot bay.

  7. Control panel operation buttons

    Buttons for operating the control panel. User-selected functions can be assigned to each button to function as USER buttons.

  8. Control panel

    Used to perform tasks such as checking the device status and setting basic items.

  9. <MENU> button

    Displays the setting menu in the control panel screen.

  10. <REC> button

    Press this button to start recording. Press this button again to stop recording. The button lights up in red during recording.

  11. <EXIT> button

    Restores the display to the previous state while the setting menu or control panel operation is displayed.

  12. <POWER> switch

    Switch on/off the power.

    Even when the <POWER> switch is set to the <OFF> position, the camera is not shut off from the main power.

  13. Jog dial button

    Used for setting, moving items, and selecting menus on the control panel.

  14. <LOCK> switch

    Disables the operation of the control panel buttons and switches. (except the <REC> button)

    Keep this in the <LOCK> position to prevent incorrect operation when moving the camera, etc.

  15. Cable clamp

    Clamp for securing the control panel extension unit cable.

  16. Open/close switch for sub slot and SD memory card slot

    Opens the sub slot / SD memory card slot bay.

  17. Main slot lock switch 1/2

    Lock switch to prevent incorrect insertion and removal in the main slot.

    Recording is enabled when this is locked.

    Do not release the lock during recording.

  18. Main slot 1/2 access LED

    Indicates the access status of recording and playback of each card inserted in main slot 1/2.

  19. Main slot 1/2

    Slot for expressP2 memory cards.

  20. Sub slot 3/4 access LED

    Indicates the access status of recording and playback of each card inserted in sub slot 3/4.

  21. Sub slot 3/4

    Slot for microP2 memory cards.

  22. SD memory card slot

    Slot for SD memory cards (optional). SD memory cards are used for opening the camera setting menu, recording/opening lens files, or uploading metadata.