Handling SD memory cards

The SD memory card can be removed and inserted, either before or after the power is turned on.

Inserting SD memory cards


Open the slot cover. (Fig. 1)

Insert the SD memory card into the SD memory card slot with the label side of the card upward, and close the slot cover. (Fig. 2)

Removing SD memory cards

After opening the card slot cover and making sure that the card access LED is not illuminated, push the SD memory card further into the camera and then release. The SD memory card is released from the card slot, so pull out the SD memory card and close the card slot cover.

Note the following points when using or storing memory cards.

  • Avoid high temperature and humidity.

  • Avoid water droplets.

  • Avoid charging with electricity.

Store the SD memory card with the card still inserted into the camera and with the slot cover closed.