Menu configuration

The setting menu is configured as follows.


Sets the system in general.

Sets the system frequency, the number of lines, recording format, and recording method.


Sets the fine quality adjustment of camera videos and sets camera operation. This item is also handled as a scene file.

There are a limited number of fine image quality adjustment items in the factory settings. If [MENU] → [CAMERA SETTINGS] → [Enhanced] → [Enhanced SW] is set to [ON], operation of all items can be performed.


The various setting items of the recording function of the camera.


Various setting items for audio recording.


Sets the content of displaying output video from the video output terminal.


Performs file-related operations such as reading/writing menu settings data from/to an SD memory card, and handling lens files and lens chromatic aberration correction (CAC) files.


Applies settings related to functions used in conjunction with peripheral devices, such as network and GPS devices.

[Enhanced] menu

The camera has an extended ([Enhanced]) menu that can be used to perform fine image quality adjustment for camera videos.

The extended menu is not displayed by default in the factory settings. To display extended menu items, set [MENU] → [CAMERA SETTINGS] → [Enhanced] → [Enhanced SW] to [ON].

The presence of items marked with imageicon_ENHANCED in the menu list indicates that you are viewing the extended menu.

When [MAIN COLOR] is set to [V-Log], the setting in [MENU] → [CAMERA SETTINGS] → [Enhanced] → [Enhanced SW] is fixed to [OFF].