Card access LEDs and P2 card status

Card access LED

P2 card status

Illuminated in green

Recording possible

Reading/writing are both possible.

Illuminated in orange

Recording target

Reading/writing are both possible. The card is currently the recording target (including loop recording).

Flashing in orange

Accessing card

Reading/writing are currently being performed.

Flashing in orange rapidly

The card is being recognized.

The P2 card is being recognized.

Flashing in green slowly

Card full

There is no free space on the P2 card. Reading only is possible.

Write protect

The write-protect switch on the P2 card is at the Protect position. Reading only is possible.

Unrecordable card

Recording is not possible by the currently set recording format since the SD memory card, etc. is inserted. To record the card, change the recording format or use a P2 card.


Card not supported

This card cannot be used on the camera. Replace the card.

Illegal format

The P2 card is not properly formatted. Reformat the card.

No card

The P2 card is not inserted. The card is waiting to be recognized.

Unauthenticated card

An expressP2 memory card or microP2 memory card that cannot be authenticated. Select [MENU] → [SYSTEM SETTINGS] → [CARDS/MEDIA] → [CPS PASSWORD], and enter the password.