Charging the built-in battery

The date/time set in the camera is maintained by the built-in battery.

The built-in battery may be consumed when the power of the camera is not turned on for approximately a half year.

If [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is displayed in the viewfinder for approximately five seconds when the <POWER> switch is set to <ON>, the built-in battery has been consumed.

Charge the built-in battery with the following procedure.

Make sure that the <POWER> switch is <OFF>.

Connect the batteries or the external DC power supply to the camera.

For details on the connection of batteries or external DC power supply, refer to “Power supply”.

Leave the camera for approx. four hours.

The built-in battery will be charged.

Make sure the settings for the date/time and timecode after the built-in battery has been charged. Set the date and time of the internal clock when the [SET DATE AND TIME] is displayed in the viewfinder.

Set the <POWER> switch to <ON>, and check that [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is not displayed in the viewfinder screen.

Replacement of the built-in battery is necessary when [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is displayed even after the built-in battery has been charged. Consult your dealer.