Setting for connection with the remote operation panel (AK-HRP200G)

To connect AK-HRP200G via network to set the camera to the remote control mode, configure the settings in the following procedure.

Set each item in [MENU] → [PERIPHERAL] → [LAN PROPERTY] in the camera.

[IP ADDRESS]: Sets the address set at AK-HRP200G.

[DHCP]: Sets to [DISABLE].

Set each item in [MENU] → [PERIPHERAL] → [NETWORK FUNC] → [USER ACCOUNT] in the camera.

[USER NAME]: Sets the user account name. (Factory setting: [guest])

[PASSWORD]: Sets the password. (Factory setting: [p2guest])

Enter up to 31 characters for a user account, and characters between 6 and 15 for a password.

Configure the network settings of AK-HRP200G.

For the network settings, use the ROP setup software application supplied with AK-HRP200G.