Supplying the time code externally

You can supply the output time codes to an external recording device from the camera by matching the camera images or the replayed images.

Connection example for supplying to external device

Operating procedure

From [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [TC] → [TC IN/OUT SEL], set [TC OUT].

  • To match the time code output from the <TC IN/OUT> terminal to the SDI output and monitor output image, set [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [TC] → [TC OUT REF] to [SDI OUT].

  • To output TCR during playback, set [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [TC] → [TC OUT] to [TCG/TCR].

    These settings are not required, if the internal device uses LTC or VITC output multiplexed to the SDI output.