<VF SDI> output

This output outputs the same image as the viewfinder display.

Set the output format, surround view function, and smooth mode function in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF OUT].

Set the status display in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF INDICATOR].

Set the marker display in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF MARKER].

Set the focus assist function in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF FOCUS ASSIST].

Set the EXPOSURE INDEX assist function in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF EI ASSIST].

Image from the camera is output during playback when [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [VF OUT] → [PLAYBACK VF IMAGE] is set to [CAMERA].

The setting details of the status display and marker display are the same as the details for the viewfinder.