Interval recording

Perform recording at the set time intervals. One frame is recorded at a single recording.



Set the following related items from [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [REC FUNCTION].

  • [INTERVAL TIME]: Intermittent time (minimum 2 frames, maximum 1 hour)

  • [START DELAY]: Delay time from the time when the <REC> button is pressed until the time when the first recording starts

Press the <REC> button.

Interval recording starts according to the set intermittent time.

  • When [INTERVAL TIME] is set to two minutes or longer, the tally lamp flashes every five seconds to indicate that the camera is on standby.

  • To stop recording, press the <REC> button.

  • To clear settings, set [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [REC FUNCTION] → [REC MODE] to [NORMAL].

  • The followings are displayed on the [HOME] screen.

    • During recording: [i REC] lights up in red

    • During pause: [i REC] is inverted in red and white

      When [INTERVAL TIME] is set to less than two seconds, [i REC] lights up in red.

    • During stop: [i REC] in black character