1. Battery holder

    For mounting Anton/Bauer batteries.

  2. Battery release lever

    Pull this battery release lever down to release the battery.

  3. Battery contact terminals

    Contact terminals for the battery.

  4. Speaker

    EE audio can be monitored during recording while playback audio can be monitored during playback.

    The alarm is output in sync with flashing/lighting of the warning indicator.

    Audio from the speaker automatically is turned off when headphones are connected to the <PHONES> terminal.

  5. <AUDIO IN 1>/<AUDIO IN 2> terminal

    Connect the audio equipment or the microphone.

  6. <LINE>/<MIC> switch

    Switch for switching audio input signals connected to the <AUDIO IN 1>/<AUDIO IN 2> terminal.

    <LINE>: Select when audio equipment is connected by the line input.

    <MIC>: Select when a microphone is connected.

  7. <PHONES> terminal

    Connecting terminal of headphones for audio monitor. (Stereo mini jack)

  8. <DC OUT/RS> terminal

    Terminal for DC 12 V output and REC trigger input. The DC output provides a maximum current of 1.0 A.

  9. <DC IN> terminal

    Input terminal for connecting an external DC power supply.

  10. <LIGHT CONTROL> switch

    Control switch when light is connected to the light output terminal.