Using audio devices

  1. <AUDIO IN 1> terminal

  2. <AUDIO IN 2> terminal

  3. <LINE>/<MIC> switch

Connect the audio device to the <AUDIO IN 1> or <AUDIO IN 2> terminal of the recording module using the XLR cable.

According to the channel to which the XLR cable is connected, select [REAR] in control panel audio input.

Switch the <LINE>/<MIC> switch on the <AUDIO IN 1> terminal or <AUDIO IN 2> terminal to <LINE>.

Setting the control panel


Press the <HOME> button to display the HOME screen.

From [SYSTEM] → [AUDIO], select [AUDIO IN].

Select [REAR] in [CH1/2 IN].

[CH3/4 IN] is automatically set to [FRONT].