Left side

  1. <EVF USER 1>/<EVF USER 2> buttons

    User-selected functions can be assigned to each button. Pressing a button performs the assigned function. Functions are set on the viewfinder menu.

  2. <CAM MENU> button

    Displays the camera menu screen.

  3. <EVF MENU> button

    Displays the viewfinder menu screen.

  4. Jog dial

    Operation dial.

    Used for setting, moving, and selecting in menus.

  5. Zoom ring

    Ring which enlarges/reduces the size of the viewfinder display screen.

    This is used to enlarge the display when adjusting the focus. When the display is enlarged, some parts of the video may be hidden.

  6. Visibility adjustment ring

    Ring which adjusts the visibility. Turn this ring while pressing and holding the upper button.

  7. Eye cup