<MON OUT2> output

Output format is set in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [MON OUT].

The setting details of the status display and marker display are the same as the details for the <MON OUT1> terminal. Each can be set to be displayed or hidden.

  • Output signal can be switched in [MENU] → [OUTPUT SETTINGS] → [MON OUT] → [MON OUT2 SIGNAL SEL].

    [MON OUT1]: The image (output image, etc.) becomes the same image as the output from the <MON OUT1> terminal.

    [VF SDI (1080p)]/[VF SDI (1080i)]: The image (output image, marker, status, enlargement, etc.) will be the same as the output from the <VF SDI> terminal. Regardless of the [MON OUT FORMAT] setting, it is output in the selected format (1080P or 1080i), and it will be LEVEL-A signal when 1080P is selected.