Inserting a P2 card

When using the camera for the first time, be sure to set the time data beforehand. (Setting the date/time of the internal clock)

Insert the expressP2 memory card into the main slot and the microP2 memory card into the sub slot.


Open the card slot cover. (Fig. 1)

Insert a card into the card slot. (Fig. 2)

  • expressP2 memory cards (main slot)

    • Slide the main slot lock switch to the left to release the lock.

    • Insert the card with the logo facing up until the eject button pops out.

    • Press the eject button that pops up to the right.

    • Slide the main slot lock switch to the right to lock.

  • microP2 memory cards (sub slot)

    • Insert with the label facing up.

Make sure that the card access LED is lit in orange or green. (Fig. 3) (Card access LEDs and P2 card status)

When two P2 cards are inserted in the card slots, the P2 card with the smaller slot number will be recorded to first. Note, however, that regardless of the slot number, if a P2 card is inserted later, that P2 card will not be accessed until the previously inserted P2 card has been recorded to.

  • Example: When expressP2 memory cards are inserted in two slots

    If expressP2 memory cards are inserted into the two slots, the cards are used as expressP2 memory cards in the order of the slot number 1 → 2. However, if you remove the expressP2 memory card from slot 1 and then insert it again, recording to the expressP2 memory cards will take place in the order slot 2 → 1.

The P2 memory card number to be recorded to is maintained even if the camera is turned off. When the camera is next turned on, recording can be continued to the same P2 memory card as before the camera was turned off.

Close the cover of the main slot or sub slot.