Interchangeable lens 4K/60P camera

This camera is a interchangeable lens 4K/60P camera with following features.

  • High-resolution recording of 4:2:2 (10 bits) 4K/2K with newly developed super 35 mm 5.7K sensor and new LSI is possible*1

    • Supports 120fps/240fps recording in 2K, FHD*2

    • Supports 4:2:0 (10 bits) 60fps recording in 4K, UHD

  • Equipped with new functions to arouse the creativity

    • RAW output: Output RAW, 5.7K/30P, 4K/60P (crop size), or 2K/240P (crop size) from the <SDI OUT> terminal

    • Supports HDR production (V-Log/HLG)

    • Can easily perform IR recording, making possible of fantastical image representation

  • Equipped with interfaces supporting the designs and recordings for wide range of usage

    • A compact design considering to install on a drone or a gimbal, each unit (handle, grip, LCD monitor) can be removed in accordance with the recording style

    • Equipped with first in industry (as of October 2017) camera internal image stabilizer (E.I.S.)

    • Can simultaneously output in 4:2:2 (10 bits) from <SDI OUT> terminal/<HDMI> terminal

    • Equipped with double card slots compatible to high-speed bus interface UHS-II

      Supports 400 Mbps ALL-Intra recording that can record in higher picture quality

    • Adopted the EF lens mount as the lens mount

      Can use the EF lenses with various lineup

Up to 4K/30P, 2K/120P

When the frame rate exceeding 120P, internal recording eight-bit 4:2:0, Four Thirds image circle crop size