LCD monitor unit

  1. LCD monitor hood

    Blocks the light from outside, making it easier to view the LCD monitor.

  2. LCD monitor

    Displays the screen to set the basic setting of the camera and check the status of the camera.

    In addition to the HOME screen that is the starting point of the operation, the VIEW screen that displays the recording image, the INFO screen that displays the information of the camera, etc., can be displayed.

    Supports the touch operation.

  3. LCD monitor mounting attachment

    Mounts to the LCD monitor mounting section of the handle, etc.

  4. <MIRROR> switch

    Inverts the VIEW screen vertically or both vertically and horizontally.

    <OFF>: Does not invert.

    <B/T>: Inverts vertically.

    <ROTATE>: Inverts vertically and horizontally.