Presetting the time code to external

The internal time code generator of the camera can be slave locked in a simplified manner to an external generator.

Connection example of the camera and an external generator

Connect the reference time come to the <TC IN/OUT> terminal.


External lock

Externally lock the time code.

  • Connect the camera to an external generator in advance.

Select the [REC SETTINGS] menu → [TC] → [FREE/REC RUN] → [FREE RUN].

Select the [REC SETTINGS] menu → [TC] → [TC IN/OUT SEL] → [TC IN].

Enter the external time code to the <TC IN/OUT> terminal.

[TC] in the HOME screen and the VIEW screen will be displayed in black and white inversion.

Enter the time code matching the setting in the [SYSTEM SETTINGS] menu → [SYSTEM MODE] → [FREQUENCY] as the reference time code.

Also, enter the time code of the non-drop frame for 23.98p, 24.00p, 25.00p, 50.00p, and 50.00i.

Cautions when switching the power supply from the battery to the AC adaptor while an external lock is active

To maintain the continuity of the time code generator power, remove the battery only after that the power status display in the HOME screen has changed to imageicon_acadaptor_mark after connecting the AC adaptor to the <DC IN 12V> terminal. The continuity of the external lock of the time code is not guaranteed when the battery is removed first.