Inserting/removing of the SD card

Inserting the SD card

The SD card to be used on the camera should always be formatted on the camera. (Formatting the SD card)

  • All the recorded data will be erased and would not be able to restore when the SD card is formatted.


Open the card slot cover. (Fig. 1)

Insert the SD card into the card slot. (Fig. 2)

  • The card slot 1 and the card slot 2 can each insert one SD card.

  • Insert straight in with the label facing left until it clicks.

Close the card slot cover.

Removing the SD card

Open the card slot cover.

  • Confirm that the card access lamp is not flashing in orange.

  • Data is being written/read when the card access lamp is flashing in orange, so do not remove the SD card.

Press in the SD card further into the camera and let go.

  • The SD card is released from the card slot, and pull it out straight.

Close the card slot cover.

Cautions when using or storing

  • Do not touch the terminal section at the rear of the SD card.

  • Avoid high temperature and humidity.

  • Avoid water droplets.

  • Avoid charging with electricity.

Use or store the SD card with the card inserted into the camera and with the slot cover closed.