Front side

  1. Light sensor

    Detects indoor and outdoor light.

    When using the auto tracking white balance (ATW), do not obstruct the light sensor.

  2. Built-in microphone

    This is the built-in stereo microphone <L>/<R>.

  3. Front tally lamp

    Illuminates when the recording is started. Flashes when the battery level becomes low.

    To flash the lamp or not can be set in the menu.

  4. EF lens mount

    EF lens is mounted.

    • The figure shows the status when the mount cap is attached. Remove the mount cap when the lens is to be mounted.

  5. Lens lock unlock button

    The lock is unlocked when the lens is to be removed from the camera.

  6. Fan inlet

    Fan inlet for cooling fan. Do not block this while the camera is being used.