Waveform monitor function

Waveform of the image can be displayed.

Setting the displaying of the waveform monitor

Displaying of the waveform and the vector can be switched.

From the [OUTPUT SETTINGS] menu → [LCD EI ASSIST] → [WFM MODE], select the displaying of waveform monitor.

[WAVE]: Displays the waveform.

[VECTOR]: Displays the vector.

[WAVE/VECTOR]: Displays the waveform and the vector. It will switch in the order of waveform, vector, and no display every time the USER button with [WFM] assigned is pressed.

  • The waveform monitor is displayed only on the LCD monitor.

  • Display position of the waveform monitor is bottom right of the LCD monitor.

Setting the transmittance

The transmittance of the waveform monitor can be set.

From the [OUTPUT SETTINGS] menu → [LCD EI ASSIST] → [WFM TRANSPARENCE], select the transmittance.

  • The transmittance can be selected from [0%], [25%], or [50%].