Variable frame rate (VFR)

Allows the high-speed shooting from 1fps to maximum of 240fps.

From the [SYSTEM SETTINGS] menu → [SYSTEM MODE] → [SENSOR MODE], select the resolution and codec of the recording video, and the frequency that will become the reference frame rate.

Select the [CAMERA SETTINGS] menu → [FPS] → [VFR SW] → [ON].

From the [CAMERA SETTINGS] menu → [FPS] → [VALUE], set the frame rate in accordance with the shooting condition.

  • This can also be set with the multidial. Refer to “Functions assigned to USER buttons”.

  • An arbitrary frame rate can be added/changed/deleted in the [CAMERA SETTINGS] menu → [FPS] → [ADD]/[EDIT]/[DELETE].

Press the REC button.

Variable frame rate recording is started.