Direct connection ([DIRECT])

This is the setting to connect the camera to the iPad/Android terminal directly.

The camera may restart if necessary when the setting is changed.


From the [NETWORK SETTINGS] menu → [NETWORK PROPERTY], set each item as necessary.

Select the [NETWORK SETTINGS] menu → [NETWORK SEL] → [WLAN].

Select the SSID of the camera from the SSID list in the iPad/Android terminal, and enter the password (encryption key).

Display the wireless access point list screen in wireless LAN setting, and select SSID of the camera.

  • Factory setting: [AU-EVA1]

When the password confirmation screen appears, enter the password (encryption key).

  • Factory setting: [01234567890123456789abcdef]

Check the network connection.

Once connected, imageicon_rop_connect_1 is displayed on the screen of the camera.