Linking to external devices

Connecting to monitor

A monitor can be connected to output images.

  • Use the double shielded cable supporting 4K/60P as the HDMI cable (optional). It is also recommended to use the Panasonic 4K/60P compatible HDMI cable.

  • For the BNC cable (optional) connected to the <SDI OUT> terminal, prepare a double-shielded cable equivalent to 5C-FB.


Remote operation by iPad or Android terminal

The camera can be connected to the wireless LAN by connecting a wireless module compatible to the camera to the <USB2.0 HOST> terminal of camera.

Following operations are possible by connecting the camera with an iPad or an Android terminal with EVA ROP app installed.

  • Checking camera status

  • Camera remote control (recording control, camera setting such as shutter, EXPOSURE INDEX, iris, or white balance, and checking the time code)

  • Menu Operations

For details of the wireless module supported by the camera and the operation of the EVA ROP app, visit the support desk at the following website.