Left side

  1. Accessory mounting holes

    For attaching accessories.

    • Mounting hole size

      • 3/8-16 UNC

  2. Handle

  3. Lens flange back adjustment hole

    Used when adjusting the lens flange back.

  4. Focus hook/focus mark < shouten_mark >

    Indicates the image surface plane of the image sensor.

  5. USER buttons (<USER 1>/<PLAY>, <USER 2>/<INFO>, <USER 3>/<EXIT>)

    User-selected functions can be assigned to each button. Pressing a button performs the assigned function.

    This will have the same operation as the <PLAY>/<INFO>/<EXIT> buttons with orange text when the system check screen or the menu screen is displayed. In such case, this will not operate as USER buttons.

  6. <SYSTEM CHK> button

    Displays the system check screen in the <VF SDI> terminal output.

  7. <REC> button

    Press this button to start recording. Press this button again to stop recording. The button lights up in red during recording.

  8. <MENU> button

    Displays the setting menu in the <VF SDI> terminal output and the control panel screen.

  9. <IRIS/SEL> dial button

    Controls the iris of the EF lens.

    This will function as the menu selection dial when the menu is displayed by pressing the <MENU> button on the camera.

    Volume level can be adjusted with this dial button by assigning [DIRECT VOL CTRL] to the USER button and calling the direct volume control function.

  10. Fan inlet

    Fan inlet for dissipating heat. Do not block this when the camera is in use.

  11. <TOGGLE/WB> switch

    [WB]/[EI]/[SHUTTER] can be assigned.

    [WB] is assigned as the factory setting.

    The automatic white balance is operated when pressed and held upwards while [WB] is assigned.

  12. Power switch

    Used to switch the power to on < j > or to standby < h >.

    The camera is not completely disconnected from the main power even when the power switch is set to the < h > position.

  13. <LOCK> switch

    Disables the operation of the buttons and switches at the left side of the camera.

    Sets the button and switch to disable the operation in [MENU] → [SYSTEM SETTINGS] → [SIDE LOCK].

    Keep this in the < imageicon_lock > position to prevent incorrect operation when moving the camera, etc.

  14. Card access LED

    Displays the access status of recording and playback of the card inserted in the main slot and the sub slot.

    Top: Main slot

    Bottom: Sub slot

    The access status of the file operation is also displayed for the sub slot.

  15. <PHONES> terminal

    Connecting terminal of headphones for audio monitor. (Stereo mini jack)

  16. Speaker

    EE audio can be monitored during recording while playback audio can be monitored during playback.

    The alarm is output in sync with flashing/lighting of the warning indicator.

    Audio from the speaker automatically is turned off when headphones are connected to the <PHONES> terminal.

  17. Card slot cover open/close lever

    Opens the card slot cover.

  18. Sub slot

    Slot for SD memory cards (optional).

  19. Main slot

    Slot for P2 card.