Setting the time code

Press the <TC> button to display the TC screen.

From the time code display, select [DF] or [NDF] in [DF/NDF].

Set [DF] to advance the time code in the drop frame mode, and set [NDF] to advance it in the non-drop frame mode. Note, however, that the time code always runs in [NDF] in the 24p (23.98p) mode.

Select [SET].

The [SET TC] screen is displayed.

Set the time code using the jog dial button.

Press the jog dial button to confirm the time code setting value.

Settable time code range

59.94i, 29.97p, 59.94i

00:00:00:00 to 23:59:59:29

23.98p, 24.00p

00:00:00:00 to 23:59:59:23

50.00p, 25.00p, 50.00i

00:00:00:00 to 23:59:59:24

Time code function during battery replacement

Even during battery replacement, the backup mechanism functions, allowing the time code generator to continue operating.

When each item of the system mode has been changed, the time code of free run may shift. Turn on the power again, confirm the time code, and set it again if necessary.

Time codes in variable frame rate

  • The time code is fixed to [REC RUN], and advances in the speed of the ration of the system frequency [FREQUENCY] and the recording frame rate [FPS] during the recording for the variable frame rate.

    As an example, when [FREQUENCY] is [24.00p] and [FPS] is [60fps], it will advance 60/24 every second (2 seconds 12 frames).

  • The time code output from the <TC IN/OUT> terminal or the <SDI OUT 1>/<SDI OUT 2> terminal will advance in 1x speed from the time the recording is started.

    It is fixed to the value last recorded when the recording is paused.