Selecting the resolution, codec, and video format for recording

You can select the recording resolution, recording codec, and recording frame rate.

  • [FREQUENCY]: System frequency

  • [SDI RAW]: RAW output format

  • [MAIN PIXEL]: Resolution

  • [MAIN CODEC]: Recording format

  • VFR: Variable frame rate function (variable frame rate range)

  • [VFR PROXY REC]: Sub recorder operation (when the variable frame rate is in operation)

  • [HIGH SPEED]: High speed

Recording format

  • OP-1b format: [AVC-Intra4K-LT]/[AVC-Intra4K 422]/[AVC-Intra2K-LT]/[AVC-Intra2K 444]/[AVC-Intra2K 422]/[AVC-Intra444]/[AVC-Intra422]/[AVC-Intra-LT]/[AVC-LongG50]/[AVC-LongG25]/[ProRes 4444 XQ]/[ProRes 4444]/[ProRes 422 HQ]/[ProRes 422]/[ProRes 422 LT]

  • OP-Atom format: [AVC-Intra100]

The recording will stop in six hours for the following cases:

  • When [MAIN CODEC] is set to ProRes format

  • When [FILE NAME STYLE] is set to [CINE] and [CINE] is enabled

  • When [VFR] is set to [ON] and [VFR PROXY REC] is set to [NORMAL+Audio]