FTP client function setting

The proxy clip can be transferred to the server equipment on the network by connecting the camera to the network using a wireless LAN (wireless access point connection), 4G/LTE, or wired LAN.

Client settings

It is necessary to set the destination, etc., in advance to transfer proxy clip with the FTP client function.

Set each item in [MENU] → [PERIPHERAL] → [FTP CLIENT SERVICE].

[SERVER URL]: Sets the destination server name and folder for the proxy clip to be transferred. (Up to 500 characters)

  • Transfers to the login folder of the server if only server name or address is entered.

  • Transfers to the specified folder of the server if entered in server name or address/folder format.

  • Do not include “ftp://” in URL when entering.

[LOGIN USER]: Sets the user ID to connect to. (Up to 31 characters)

[LOGIN PASSWORD]: Sets the password to connect to. (Up to 15 characters) The set password cannot be displayed on the camera.

[SSH]: Sets this when transferring files using SSH.

  • [ENABLE]: Uses SSH.

  • [DISABLE]: Does not use SSH.

[SSH PORT]: Sets the port number when the SSH is used. Set the same number as the server.

Operation check tools and status indication

You can check the network connection status of the FTP client as follows.