4G/LTE setting

[4G/LTE] mode

Use the following procedure when you connect the camera with the 4G/LTE USB modem.


Select [4G/LTE PROPERTY] and set each item as necessary when [MENU] → [PERIPHERAL] → [4G/LTE PROPERTY] is enabled.

When following settings are required, enter the information provided from the provider accurately.

[APN]: Sets the APN (access point name) provided from the provider.

[USER ID]: Sets the user name provided from the provider.

[PASSWORD]: Sets the password provided from the provider.

[DIAL NO.]: Sets the phone number. For details, refer to the manual of the provider you have contracted.

Check the network connection.

Check whether to connect the camera to the network with 4G/LTE.

[4G/LTEimageicon_4g_link] is displayed in the screen when network connection is correct. The network status icon on top right of the thumbnail screen will be displayed in yellow, and the application using the network (FTP client function) can also be used.