User bits settings

Sets the user bits to be recorded in the sub code area with the control panel.




Records the camera photo frame rate information.

The frame rate information same as the VITC UB is output when playing back the clip recorded with the system frequency anything other than [50.00p], [59.94p], [50.00i], or [59.94i]. Use at this setting when the editing device such as a computer uses the frame rate information of the user bits.


Records internal user values. The user value can be set from [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [TC] → [SET UB], the user value can be set. Setting values are held even when the power is turned off.

For details, refer to “How to input user bits”.


Records the user bits values currently entered to the <TC IN/OUT> terminal.


Records the time measured by the internal clock.


Records the time digit of year/month/day/time measured by the internal clock.


A numeric value of CAM INDEX (1 character) and REEL number (3 digit number) from left, each converted to ASCII character code is recorded when the [USER CLIP NAME] is recorded as [TYPE3].

F is recorded in every digit when it is [TYPE1] or [TYPE2].

Only the value of when the recording has started is output for playback even when an item that changes in real time such as [TIME] is recorded in the ProRes format.