Operation of the camera buttons

Basic camera operation can be performed with the buttons on the camera.

There are buttons with different operations when the control panel is connected or not connected.

  1. <USER 1>/<PLAY> button

  2. <USER 2>/<INFO> button

  3. <USER 3>/<EXIT> button

  4. <SYSTEM CHK> button

  5. <REC> button

    Record/pause will switch every time it is pressed while recording is possible.

  6. <MENU> button

    Switches display/hide of the menu.

  7. <IRIS/SEL> dial button

  8. <TOGGLE/WB> switch

    The function assigned in [MENU] → [SYSTEM SETTINGS] → [USER SWITCHES] → [USER TOGGLE(USER4)] is executed every time the <TOGGLE/WB> switch is operated up or down.

    • [SHUTTER]

      • Upward: Lengthens the exposure time ([deg]); shortens the exposure time ([sec])

      • Downward: Shortens the exposure time ([deg]); lengthens the exposure time ([sec])

    • [EI]

      • Upward: Increases the gain

      • Downward: Decreases the gain

      The setting value will continuously change by holding the switch operation when [SHUTTER] or [EI] is assigned.

    • [WB]

      • Upward: Increases the color temperature

      • Downward: Decreases the color temperature

      The automatic white balance is executed by holding the upward operation when [WB] is assigned.

      Holding the downward operation is disabled.

  9. Power switch

    Turn the power ON/standby.

    • The power supply disconnection process is started after turning off the power switch and three seconds have elapsed.

      The power supply disconnection process will not start when the power is turned on again within three seconds.

  10. <LOCK> switch

    All the operations other than the power switch on the camera body is disabled when the <LOCK> switch is slid toward < imageicon_lock > side.

    Sets the buttons and switches to apply in [MENU] → [SYSTEM SETTINGS] → [SIDE LOCK].

  11. Card slot cover open/close lever

    Close the card slot cover.

    However, the recording will continue if it opens during the recording.

    • Playback is not possible when the card slot cover is opened.

    • The playback is stopped and the dialog is displayed when the card slot cover is opened during the playback.

    • The operation is continued and the dialog is displayed after the deleting is completed when the card slot cover is opened during deleting the clip.

    • The operation is continued without displaying the dialog when the card slot cover is opened during the formatting of the card.

  12. <FILTER> knob

    Switches the ND filter.