Externally locking the time code

The internal time code generator of the camera can be locked to an external generator.

Example of connections for external locking

As shown in the figure, connect both the reference video signal and the reference time code.


External lock operation procedure

To externally lock the time code, follow the steps below.

Press the <TC> button to display the TC screen.

From the time code display, select [FREE RUN] in [FREE/REC RUN].

From [MENU] → [REC SETTINGS] → [TC] → [TC IN/OUT SEL], select [TC IN].

Set [MENU] → [SYSTEM SETTINGS] → [GENLOCK] → [GENLOCK MODE] to [EXT] and synchronize to the genlock signal input.

Enter the external time code from the <TC IN/OUT> terminal.

The [TCG] characters on the HOME screen are displayed in black and white inversion.

  • Input the same SDI signal as the system signal format ([FREQUENCY]) for the reference video signal.

  • When the system frequency is 59.94p or 50p, the time code may be out of sync by one field.

    To externally lock without shifting the time code at this time, input the 59.94i signal for when system frequency is [59.94p], or 50.00i signal for [50.00p] into the <GENLOCK IN> terminal. Input the synchronized time code signal from the <TC IN/OUT> terminal to there.

  • When the input reference signal of generator lock is disrupted, recording cannot be performed normally. [TEMPORARY PAUSE] is displayed in the viewfinder screen, and the clip is divided. The synchronization with the time code is also not guaranteed. Recording will resume when the signal returns to normal.

  • The time code is instantly locked to the external time code, and the same value as the external time code value is displayed in the time code display area when the external lock operation is performed. Do not set to the recording mode for several seconds until the internal system lock has stabilized. Furthermore, lock the time code to the <TC IN/OUT> terminal signal.

  • If you execute the slave once, even if there is no longer <TC IN/OUT> terminal and <GENLOCK IN> terminal input, the slave status is maintained. However, in the following cases, the slave status will be released.

    • When [TC SET] is executed

    • When the power is turned off

    • When switched [DF]/[NDF]

    • When set to [REC RUN]

    • When a variable frame rate is applied

  • If [EXT INPUT] is selected in [UB MODE] of the UB screen, regardless of the time code slave status, the user bits can be matched with the user bits input in the <TC IN/OUT> terminal. In this case, [UBG] characters are black and white inverted.

Cautions when switching the power supply from the battery to the external power supply while an external lock is active

To maintain the continuity of the power supply for the time code generator, connect an external power supply to the <DC IN> terminal, and disconnect the battery in the battery holder after confirming the battery information of the <DC IN> terminal side is displayed in the viewfinder or the HOME screen. If the battery pack is removed first, there is no guarantee that the time code will stay externally locked.